The Procedure of Engineering Design Agreement of Documentation

1. Send a completed engineering design agreement application, attach a stand design layout and information about your company to it in order to draw up a contract.   

2. Draw up the engineering design agreement contract and make necessary payments. Remember that the cost of the technical documentation agreement depends on the time of providing the documentation!

3. Provide the following documents:

  • information letter about the stand construction including the list of equipment to be brought in (Form No. 1 with Appendix);
  • explanatory note related to the stand design project (Form No. 2);
  • description of the necessary power supply line for the stand to ensure clear understanding of the stand lighting system and the planned power supply network connections (Form No. 3);
  • list of mounting workers who will construct the stand so that we can draw up passes to the Exhibition Complex for them (Form No. 4);
  • list of staff who will perform electric installation work including the compulsory provision of copies of the staff certificate with access category not lower than 3 and the qualification mark (Form No. 5);
  • letter of assurance (Form No. 6);
  • general information about the objects to be fixed to the ceiling structures (Form No. 7);
  • order stating the appointment of people responsible for the mounting and dismounting of the stand, observing the safety regulations, including fire safety rules, as well as the electric installation work (Form No. 8);
  • when constructing a two-story stand a certificate for the load-carrying structure must be provided, with drawings attached to it including all dimensions in a scale of 1 to 100, with cross-section diagrams signed by the designer and bearing the stamp of the organization that designed the stand.

4. After checking the project and design documentation the Project and Design Supervision Service shall issue the following:

  • in case of positive decision, the project and design documentation agreement certificate, or
  • a written reply stating the need to correct the project and design documentation, or
  • a substantiated refusal to approve the project and design documentation;

5. Provide the originals of documents.


1. The stand mounting and dismounting work shall be performed within the term set by the Event Organizer.

2. The work shall be performed in compliance with the agreed project and design documentation.  

3. The stand shall only be connected to power supply line after the electric mounting work has been finished, the power resistance has been measured, and the Responsibility Division Certificate has been signed. In order to measure the power resistance and sign the Responsibility Division Certificate related to the use of electric units between the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex and the Constructor, our specialist must be called up by applying to the Service Centre.   

4. After finishing the mounting and dismounting work all materials and large-size waste must be taken away from the territory of the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex by the Participant. Leaving scotch tape, film, spots of glue, paint and oil marks etc. on the floor is not allowed. 

The Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex has the right:

  • demand additional information related to the stand construction safety;
  • suspend the Constructor from performing the work in case violations are detected until these violations have been eliminated.