Acceptance and Storage of Cargos

Cargos to be delivered to the storage facility of the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex are accepted from the event participant or the representative of a transport company not earlier than 5 workdays prior to the beginning of the total period of conducting the event. Paid storage of cargos can last not longer than 5 days after the end of the total period of conducting the event. The cargos that were not reclaimed within the set term are disposed of without prior notice or agreement.

Cargos are accepted for storage only if they are accompanied by the documents with the following information:

  • full name of the shipper;
  • name of the exhibition or event;
  • number of stand or the name of participating company;
  • dimensions of each cargo and their weight (for each cargo).

Cargos are accepted to the storage facility and then handed out according to the cargo place number without opening up the transport package. In case tears in the transport package have been detected, the staff of the storage department shall draw up ‘The Act of Finding Visible Defects’. If the external package of the cargo has not been damaged, claims concerning damage of the cargo and its completeness shall not be accepted.

In order to receive a cargo from the storage facility, the event participant should arrive at the storage facility in person and present the following documents:

  • ID document;
  • Proxy notice for the cargo issued by the shipper.

The cargo can be handed out without the proxy notice if the shipper’s information coincides with the data specified in the cargo recipient’s ID document.