VI Siberian Venture Fair

















The fair organizers are the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation Policy, the Foundation for Science and Innovation of the Novosibirsk Region, the Foundation to promote venture capital investments in small enterprises in the scientific-technical sphere in the Novosibirsk region, and the Russian Association of Direct and Venture Investment (RAVI).

The purpose of the organization and the VI Siberian Venture Fair is the development of efficient infrastructure financing innovation (tech) companies. The main strategic objective of VI Siberian Venture Fair is to have an organized meeting ground for innovative business entrepreneurs and investors and to provide high-tech, innovative business-friendly access to all major resources, in order to to continue the formation of the investment Siberia.

Siberian Venture Fair gathers exhibitors from the Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk and Kemerovo regions, and Krasnoyarsk and Altai territories. Large industrial enterprises and small innovative firms, universities and academic institutions, technology parks and business incubators will all present their products at the VI Siberian Venture Fair – They will show who has ready business plans and who has original designs and scientific and technical ideas. The Business Programme of VI Siberian Venture Fair is traditionally represented with a wide range of events dedicated to the analysis of the experience gained by venture capitalists in Russia and abroad, the development of domestic industry, venture capital and direct investments and transformation of the Russian economy to a more innovative path of development.

The Fair will run a few specialized areas, within each of which innovative companies will present their business venture investors. A wide spectrum of exhibitors, from newly formed companies in the initial stage of commercialization, to companies seeking to significantly expand production, will be there.

Some distinctive feature of the Venture Fair which distinguish it from a variety of exhibitions and innovative orientation fairs held in Russia, are the following:

• innovative company presents no projects and/or products, and business as a whole;
• a mandatory preliminary expert selection of exhibiting companies;
• managers and owners of selected exhibition companies receive special training;
• for direct contact companies and investors are the most comfortable conditions;
• events fairs are only for professionals.

Business strategy and tactics of negotiation - that's what is taught at Venture Fair. Seminars are taught on pre-coaching by the country's best experts - RAVI. Professionals will learn at round tables, debates and master classes with the theorists and practitioners of venture businesses. Watch them at work on the stand, when any of the visitors could be a potential investor, the visitors questions to be answered clearly, undersandably, in simple words and concrete figures. Otherwise, the potential investor will turn and go to a neighboring booth.

In anticipation of VI Siberian Venture Fair coaching for members of small innovative companies will be held with B.I. Ivlev - Executive Director of the Venture Investment Fund of the Novosibirsk Region, V.I. Spivak - Director of Investment Project of the Regional Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development, St. Petersburg; I,V, Gladkikh - Director of the Russian Venture Fair, and other professionals. At the VI Siberian Venture Fair contests of innovative companies and projects will be held. With every fair the selection of participants becomes more severe; they are required to do more than just match the format of the exhibition, and have a high level of readiness regarding the projects clearly specified business plans and the ability to speak with an investors in one language.