Vasily Yurchenko: "Making Novosibirsk an infrastructural center comfortable for business, is our goal"

















According to the press service of the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, the meeting with Mr. Yurchenko was dedicated to the socio-economic situation in the Novosibirsk region, and special attention was paid to the development of regional infrastructure.

Mr. Yurchenko recalled that in February, he mentioned to the President that one of the tasks was to make Novosibirsk the infrastructure center of eastern Russia, suitable for business, interregional activities and interactions with neighbouring countries.
“We have introduced one of the most modern exhibition centers in the country” Mr. Yurchenko told Mr. Putin about the opening of "Novosibirsk Expocentre", noting that many experts share this opinion, including Ministers of the Russian Government, “The site can now organize events of any level” he added.
Mr. Yurchenko also told the President that a working group of the Sub-Commission for Transport Cooperation held a series of meetings in preparation for the regular meetings between the Heads of State of Russia and China. The meetings took place in August of 2012 at "Novosibirsk Expo Centre”, and were attended by ministers of the two countries..