The magnificent exhibition "ITESiberian Fair " opened at the Novosibirsk Expo Centre

















The opening ceremony welcoming remarks were made by the Minister of Industry,Trade and Enterprise Development of the Novosibirsk region S.N. Semka; the artist-jeweller Knight of the Order of Faberge, S.I. Kvashnin (Kirov) and the Deputy Director of the exhibition activity at the "ITE Siberian Fair" E.V. Popova. The welcoming speeches were made, and wishes for the success of many new business contacts were given, admiration was expressed for the new platform exhibition — Novosibirsk Two — and of course, congratulations were made to the men on Motherland Defenders Day.

After the official opening, the artist-jeweler from Novosibirsk, Knight of the Order of Faberge, V.K. Pavlov conducted a tour of the exhibition, particularly focusing on the works of the Novosibirsk Master Mark Baldin. According to Pavlov, Mr. Baldin has his own unique style, which is celebrated by art critics and connoisseurs of the jeweler's art.

During the tour the guests were shown the stamps, with which jewelery is made as well as works of wonderful jewelry, made by Knight of the Order of Faberge, S.I. Kvashnin (Kirov). "Kvashnin, he is Russia’s third Mint" said Dr. Pavlov. He manufactures products for the administration of Kirov Oblast, and for Order of the Administration of the President’s Office ".

V.K. Pavlov also complained that there are no educational institutions that prepare high-end jewelers in Novosibirsk. "We have no established culture here as in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Our school is just starting "said the Master.

The development of a regional school and the promotion of Russian style jewelry is done by a student competition of sketch works of jewelry, which is being held for the eight time at the exibition “SibYuvelir”. The general sponsor of the competition is the jewelry plant "Atoll" (Novosibirsk). The main idea is to find and promote new jewelery talents, and to acquaint prospective students with the jewelry business.