"MolSib" celebrates its 15th anniversary at "Novosibirsk Expocentre"

















“People working in agriculture in the Novosibirsk region have linked with "MolSib" very much”, - Agriculture Minister Georgy Ivashchenko said during his welcoming on behalf of the regional government. “And in general they are all connected with the achievements that the Novosibirsk region has in dairy cattle”

The minister said that the company "MolSib" has repeatedly proved its professionalism and its thorough approach to business have contributied to the development of new farms that work with at the best rates. Georgy Ivashchenko handed diplomas on behalf of the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region and the Ministry of Agriculture to the best workers of the enterprise.

The company started with a few small shops specializing in the sale of agricultural products. The key point in the development of "MolSib" was the signing of a contract 10 years ago with the Swedish company 'DeLaval' - the world's largest manufacturer of technologies and equipment in the field of milk production:

- “Fifteen years of work - it is really a great event for a company that is engaged in dairy farming” - said Eugenio Menendez, Regional Director, "DeLaval". - Ten years of cooperation, but then it all started with three milking machines and a few cans of detergents. Today, the company "MolSib" one of the largest dealers of "DeLaval" equipment. We are proud of the company and we have huge plans for further cooperation!