The water treatment technologies exhibition "SIBAKVA - 2012" is taking place at the “Novosibirsk Expocentre”

















New developments by domestic and foreign scientists are being introduced at the exposition, as well as implementation of water treatment technology at industrial and household scales. A series of discussions and round tables were held in the meeting rooms of the Exhibition Complex “Novosibirsk Expocentre” on issues of water and sanitation services in towns and cities, energy efficiency and environmental protection of water resources.

“Until recently, there was only one industry exhibition in Novosibirsk, "Stroisib", gathering a fairly wide range of issues” said Denis Arkhipov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing of the Novosibirsk region. “Now there is a tendency on keeping an individual thematic at the exhibitions, which allows for a deeper consideration and study the problems of the industry.”

The stands of many companies offer introduce to visitors advanced equipment and technology for water purification. It can be a house cleaner, an autonomous sewage system for a cottage, a modular water purification system or technological solution for water channeling in densely populated urban areas. Participants in one of the round tables held at the conference rooms outlined the experience of members of the community to clean natural water bodies and river channels from household waste.

“Water supply for towns and cities is one of the main problems connected to issues of public health, longevity, comfort and, of course, the economic development of these areas,” said Yuri Pokhil, Director of the Novosibirsk MUP "Gorvodokanal". “And a single functional exhibition provides an opportunity to highlight not only technology and equipment suppliers, but also to send a signal to the authorities of regional and city administrations in order to allocate funding for implementing the proposals presented at the exhibition.