The September Election Candidates Were Announced at the Conference of the “UNITED RUSSIA” Party

















On July 3, 2015 the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex hosted the 29th Conference of the ”UNITED RUSSIA” Party.

The party announced candidates to the regional Legislative Assembly and the Deputy Council of Novosibirsk during the conference.

General Secretary of the ”UNITED RUSSIA” Party, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation State Duma Sergey Neverov expressed his confidence in the success of new team:

I’m glad to see new faces on the list of candidates, the ones who have the abilities and desire to work for the good of their region. Today the United Russia leaders’ list includes people who have achieved remarkable professional results in their spheres but they are still heavily involved in social work, they are the patriots of their home region, they reflect the goals that we have set for ourselves. It’s worth noting that today the party places great importance on local people, the ones who know everything about the current situation in their regions and the ones who are trusted.    

The regional list is topped by the Director of the Meshalkin Research Institute of Blood Circulation Pathology, academician and practicing surgeon Aleksandr Karaskov, Head of the Public Chamber Commission for the matters of family, maternity and childhood Tatyana Yesipova, and the General Director of OJSC “Sibiar” Viktor Kushnir. The city list is topped by test pilot, Director of the Chaplygin Aviation Research Institute Vladimir Barsuk.

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky, who presented his report at the conference, noted:    

The Novosibirsk Region today is one of the best innovative regions of Russia, besides the region is the leader in terms of new residential houses being constructed in the Siberian Federal District – it was rather a difficult task to have built 2.3 million square metres of housing area and provided 0.83 square metres per person – it took a lot of effort, including the work of deputies at the Legislative Assembly and the representative government agency of Novosibirsk.    

It is worth noting that the “United Russia” Party has set a goal of truly making Novosibirsk the innovative capital of Russia. The program aimed at achieving this goal is currently being developed at the “United Russia” party school.

Website of the “United Russia” Party Regional Department: