«Skyline» or «Impreza» ...

















Autosib 2012, held for several hours before the exhibition complex Novosibirsk Expo Centre, was the largest regional exhibition of cars and motorcycles, and it was the venue for the Drift competition - a racing form, characterized by the passage of the drivers turns which deliberately disrupt of the rear axle of the racing cars and pass them in a controlled drift at the maximum possible speed.

The smoke from the tires, the roar of the engine, the smell of burning rubber, sparks shooting forth from "shot" tires,the touching of barriers, and of course, the spectacular cornering in a controlled drift - these are the elements of drift shows that attract audiences who don’t care who wins. Friday's holiday in Novosibirsk and the weather contributed to the Expo Center and gave everyone who came a sunny day.

Already during the training sessions the audience had a clear favorite - among the race cars of the Japanese domestic auto industry stood out a "classic", "Zhiguli" Model VI. They especially enjoyed the skill of the daring young driver who was not overawed by the recognized Drifting authorities , like «Mark II», «Supra», «Skyline», «Altezza» and other legends of Japanese automakers.

The main events happened in the afternoon, when the pair began test heats. By the final runs, many drivers no longer had complete sets of tires: many drivers came to the aid of opponents and even "fighting friends", to give them replacements. In the heats for first place came together the two most deserving drivers - Roman Bezborodov of "VAZ" and Ivan Sankov of «Toyota Supra». After a long discussion of the results for the first place prize money races judges gave it to Ivan Sankova. Nevertheless, all the participants noted the skill of Roman Bezborodova - his car has attracted a lot of attention from spectators after the awards ceremony.

The "AUTOSIB" Drift 2012 Cup is over, but the work of the exhibition "AUTOSIB" and "Novosibirsk car dealership" in the exhibition complex Novosibirsk Expo Centre continued for another day.