Siberian Venture Fair: discovering new names

















Siberian Venture Fair - the traditional site of meetings for entrepreneurs of innovative businesses and investors.

At this years’ fair there were representatives of major industrial enterprises, small innovative firms, universities, and scientific institutions from different regions of the country. Fifty-one participants from five regions of the Siberian Federal District submitted their designs during the exhibition, which was held in one of the pavilions of the exhibition center. Thirty-three teams represented the Novosibirsk region (of which five were from Science City “Koltsovo”), fourteen from the Altai Region (Barnaul and Biysk), two companies from Irkutsk, and one each from Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk.

“The conditions that were created by the Venture Fair for investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs will contribute to achieving concrete results. Novosibirsk Region is an area where preference is given to high-tech forms of production, the creation of conditions for the commercialization of the work of our scientists, and turning these projects into real products and business opportunities” said Mr. Yurchenko. “I am sure that this site will not only be regional but also national. We have discussed, with the executive director of the Russian Venture Capital Association, Albina Nikkonen, the possibility of holding the All-Russian Venture Fair here, as early as 2013, with a different format including other contents. The first such fair may be held in Novosibirsk in September.”

According to the presidential envoy to the Siberian Federal District, Viktor Tolokonsky, it is in such areas as the “Siberian Venture Fair” that allow innovative ideas to find their way onto the market, and for scientists and inventors to form partnerships for their projects.