One of the Largest Forums in Siberia Devoted to Business Cooperation in China Opened at the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex

















Top managers and specialists from several Chinese corporations arrived in Novosibirsk to meet business community of Siberia at the Siberian Economic Forum ‘Russia-China: Practical Aspects of Cooperation’. The Forum held at the Exhibition Complex brought together experts in finance, investments, services, promotion and branding, trade and manufacturing.

Some of the key Chinese experts of the Forum are such companies as China Construction Bank (CCB), one of the largest banks in the PRC managing the assets equal to $1.63 trillion, China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX), one of the largest exchange companies in the PRC: it manages 60% of all transactions with state-owned property, All-China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,one of the largestlogistic and trade companies in China. The list of experts present at the Forum also includes, owner of the eponymous brand Baidu – the second largest ‘player’ on the global market of search engines in terms of coverage. The amount of its users in China equals 600 million people. Among other participants of the Forum is Shanghai Association of Timber Industry founded to support timber-processing enterprises and timber trade companies. The Association includes over 1,000 organizations of various proprietary types. The Forum is also featuring a trade expert, the Chinese trade Internet platform Made-in-China – a tool for searching different products abroad and the leader among Chinese b2b portals in the Russian language.  

The first day of the Forum was devoted to discussing the advantages and peculiarities of services provided by Chinese banks in the Russian Federation, as well as China-Russia investment project exchange markets. In addition to that, participants of the Forum considered effective ways of attracting Chinese capital to projects being implemented at the territory of Siberia, the peculiarities of providing insurance for products exported from China, trade financing of international economic activities, and factoring. Participants of the Forum also spoke about modern banking tools of international economic activities, the practice of using yuans for making payments to Chinese companies, tendencies and problems that the regions of the Siberian Federal District face when trading on markets of China, and typical business mistakes of Russian entrepreneurs in the PRC.    

According to the information provided by the event organizers, the 2nd day of the Forum will also include the discussion of relevant issues that concern the search and effective use of tools needed to cooperate with China. For example, participants of the Forum will take a close look at the peculiarities of manufacturing processes, services, customs operations, logistics, and international economic activities. Besides, visitors of the Exhibition Complex will learn more about promising manufacturing platforms available in Siberia, the peculiarities of transporting cargos to the PRC, and ways to minimize transport expenses when delivering cargos from the PRC, as well as the tools for promoting Russian products and services in China.