“IT-Siberia", an exhibition on Cloud Technology

















During his visit to the International Exhibition Complex "Novosibirsk Expocentre " the Governor of the Novosibirsk region visited the exhibitions “IT-Siberia" and "SIBSECURITY." At the of OJSC "Rostelecom" stand, the head of the region was shown the features of the national cloud platform developed by the company. According to the portal Tayga.info, Alex Nashchekin, vice president of Innovation Development at OJSC "Rostelecom" told the governor about the benefits of e-government:

The time required for a service, e.g. to obtain a passport, was reduced from 30 to 6 days. This allows to save real money and time by avoiding work done by commissions, and preventing citizen and officials to waste their time. Reputed experts at "Rostelecom" note that the introduction of this single service produces 4 billion roubles in savings. If considering an average salary of 24,000 rubles, the economic effect of the "freed time" for the state is substantial..

The governor also spoke about the National cloud platform A7, which was put into trial operation in March 2012. It is a set of integrated information systems that provide executive authorities at various levels: local governments, businesses and individuals services for cloud computing models. The A7 services platform was designed to solve several global challenges for the citizens and for the government e.g. the computerization of basic social sectors (health, education, housing and utilities, and security), and for commercial and public institutions: to allow the automation of most business processes and cost reduction in the maintenance of their own infrastructure. According to Alexei Nashchekin, a set of online services based on cloud platform are already running successfully on test mode. Some of these services are: "O7. Medicine "," A7.Education” ,“O7. Housing", " A7. City ", " A7. 112 ", as well as services for small and medium businesses: ”O 7. MLC" and “O 7. Business."

According to forecasts, the use of cloud computing in the future will allow the state to save $ 1 trillion rubles.