Novosibirsk Expo Centre will be one of the key elements of the "western gateway"

















The projected is adjacent to the Stantsionnaya St. located on the left bank of the Ob river, in Novosibirsk. From the south, the territory is bound by the Trans-Siberian Railway, from the north, by a highway, from the west, by the boundary of urban land and from the East by Olimpiyskaya Street. This promising area is planned as a "western gate" to the city, as it will be the main entrance to Novosibirsk from the west.

Along with this project near Novosibirsk Expo Centre, a new rapid transit line will come to the site across a planned bridge over the Ob River, thus further improving the accessibility of the Exhibition Centre from the right bank. The intersection of Stantsionnaya St. and the new highway will have an interchange, which will combine open and underground parking, a Park-and-ride , a bus terminal and light rail lines.

To become modern and functional, the area will require a significant transformation. It will develop business, service and production areas, which is typical for gateways to large cities.

The main idea of the project plan is the creation of a comfortable working and recreation area, which is landscaped and architecturally expressive. It will be a social and business sector of the city, which in the future has every reason to become one of the most prestigious urban development entities.