LOVE PIRATE STATION was Successfully Held in Novosibirsk

















On October 31, 2015 the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex hosted the largest drum & bass festival LOVE PIRATE STATION!

The event brought together over 1,700 fans ofdrum & bass fans. Not only dwellers of Novosibirsk, but also guests from other regions of Siberia attended the festival. 

To the sets by the world’s best DJs the performance called“Love” that was shown on stagetold the tragic love story based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

The Love Pirate Station in Novosibirsk that followed the shows in Saint Petersburg and Moscow received a lot of praise in the Internet:

“I specially came from Krasnoyarsk, and I don’t feel sorry at all!!! Oooh, my legs… But it was worth it… Positive emotions, lots of new friends, great music… Organizers, participants, they are all GREAT!!! The costumes were cool :) Light and sound, the direction, the people who came together, the majority of which were true drum & bass fans, not the ones who’d only like to drink and fight… I wish success to the organizers, and I wish having more of such events to us listeners, true music lovers” - comment by Yulia Keller in the official group of the festival in the social network “VKontakte”.    

Another comment by Yana Nechkasova from Barnaul:

Guys, you are all so great!!)) Thank you so much!! It is my first time at such a large-scale event!) I’m so excited. What I liked the most is the mood of all the participants. So much positive energy!) And the music!!! It was mega cool!!! My feet are sore, my voice broke down… but that’s OK compared to the emotions I had on that night! Great, I’m only sorry that all this ended so quickly…

Orthography and punctuation of the authors was kept intact.

You may see more details about “The Pirate Love Station” in our photo report.