Head of Fresco Catering Was Named Restaurateur of the Year

















Founder of Fresco Catering project Natalya Ilyina and Fresco Catering Director Sergey Tretyakov were named winners in the “Restaurateur of the Year” nomination. They received their awards for conducting “the largest catering events in Novosibirsk”.

“During our largest banquet we had over 20 thousand dishes and utensils on the tables, and 2 tons of food cooked by 30 chefs,” Ntatalya Ilyina told Business Quarter Magazine.

Organizing catering at a world-class exhibition complex is a complicated multi-component task as it implies providing food to a huge amount of visitors within a short period of time, when exhibition events are held (up to 2,000 guests at dinner time). Fulfilling this task is virtually impossible without organizing a special system of catering stations as well as using special equipment, inventory, and well-trained staff.

Arranging top-level banquets conducted as part of international forums, symposiums, conferences and corporative events for leading companies of the region requires as much preparation, thoroughness, and  commitment.

This year Fresco Catering Company has already conducted several banquets for 200, 500, 1,000, 1,500 guests. The Company’s largest event was a banquet for 1,850 guests.

List of contestants in the “Restaurateur of the Year” nomination also included Director of the State-Owned Company “Vostochny Dvor” Valery Bogdanov, founder of New York Pizza restaurant and “Kuzina” confectionary store networks Eric Shogren, Director of Éclair Café Svetlana Loseva.