“Gold Talents of Russia”: a Breakthrough into the Country’s Future

















On June 30, 2015 the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex hosted the “Gold Talents of Russia” award ceremony for the Novosibirsk Region held as part of the Governor’s Days and a gala concert for medal-winning school leavers.

In 2015, for the first time in the history of the Novosibirsk Region a record-breaking number of students left school with honors – 1,102 medalists celebrated their triumph. In addition to that, the Novosibirsk Region has been steadily included in “The Gold Dozen” of regions that demonstrate the best results of participating in All-Russian Academic Competitions of schoolchildren for 10 years in a row.    

The Governor’s Days of Gold Medalists 2015 were held in the Novosibirsk Region for the first time. School leavers and the Governor, who took part in the extensive program of the event, attended the “City Beginning” Park where they were offered a brief lecture on the history of the Novosibirsk Region. The Governor Vladimir Gorodetsky and the Medalists also laid flowers to the eternal flame at the memorial complex “Monument of Glory”.   

The Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex hosted a gala for school students awarded gold medals for outstanding learning achievements, the best of the best who can be rightfully called the “Gold Talents of Russia”.

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky, who gave a welcoming speech to school leavers and their teachers, noted that an increase in the amount of medal winners was not an accident, and positive results achieved in the system of high school education could not simply emerge “out of the blue”. 

“We create the best conditions for education and development of schoolchildren. Here in the Novosibirsk region we have a well-developed network of lyceums and schools with in-depth learning of certain subjects, a system of subject-oriented education, and pre-occupational training. As a result we now have a rise in the amount of participants, winners and prize recipients at various academic competitions, contests, tournaments, scientific and practical conferences of different levels”, said Vladimir Gorodetsky.

Besides, Vladimir Gorodetsky noted that the venue - the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex – had not been chosen by accident:

The Exhibition Complex is the place where three international forums were held in the latest one and a half months – the forum devoted to the development of agglomerations in Russia, the transport forum, and, of course, “Technoprom 2015”. The place where innovative development of the Novosibirsk Region was discussed. Dear friends and colleagues, you are the ones to bring these ideas to life.   

School leavers thanked Vladimir F. Gorodetsky for creating favorable conditions for the youth and presented the governor with a booklet containing photos and autographs of all medalists of the Novosibirsk Region in 2015.

The team of the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex once again congratulates all school leavers on their graduation, achievement of such outstanding results, and wishes them all the success in the future!