Fresco Catering Company Ranked First in the Rating of Catering Services Operating in Novosibirsk

















A rating of catering and banquet services has been made up in Novosibirsk for the first time. The survey conducted by the analysts of Business Quarter Magazine has helped determine leaders of the market.

The amount of orders fulfilled by the companies in the 1st half of 2014 was used as the main ranking parameter for assessing the work of banquet and on-site catering services. Fresco Catering Banquet Service, which had fulfilled 350 orders, became the leader according to the main assessment parameter. The second position of the rating was taken by the company ‘Paradise Banquet & Catering’ with 228 orders. The third position was shared by ‘Daily Catering’ and ‘Denis Ivanov’s Catering’, which had fulfilled an equal amount of orders – 209.  

In addition to that, according to the analysts’ data the leader of the market – Fresco Catering Company had organized the largest banquet in Novosibirsk by serving 1,800 guests at the same time.

It must be noted that Fresco Catering has some of the best equipment and largest resources in Novosibirsk to quickly organize and conduct large-scale events of any difficulty level. The Company’s portfolio includes projects that are unique for the Siberian Region: gala dinners with 1,800 participants, New Year’s banquets for up to 1,200 guests, organization of the Governor’s Dinner to honor the visit of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, as well as providing catering services during Code Fest Conference, Inter-Regional Russian-Kirghiz Conference ‘The Russian-Kirghiz Dialogue’, International Forum of Industrial Park Projects ‘Inpark’, International Forum of Technological Development ‘Technoprom’, the Venture Fair, and other events.

Besides, senior managers of Fresco Catering project received the award of Business Quarter Magazine in the Best Restaurateur of the Year nomination.