First International Forum of Technological Development “Technoprom 2013” Was Opened at the Novosibirsk Expo centre

















“Among the tasks brought up by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is ensuring technological leadership of the Russian Federation in forming the modern competitive innovation economy. This task is reflected in the ideology of our Forum,” said Vasily Yurchenko in his welcoming address. “During various discussions and at plenary sessions international experts and Russian specialists will talk about relevant issues of shaping the directions for the sixth technological mode. Experts say that in the nearest 15-25 years one more stage of industrial development will be formed: industrialization based on other principles of economy formation, other technologies. These subjects will be discussed at the forum for the first time.”

Entrepreneurs that have recently entered the market with new ideas can visit the venture fair held as part of the forum. Projects from 53 companies are presented at the fair. Eighty venture investors including participants from Russia and other countries make their decisions about investing into various projects.

Head of the Russian Federation President Administration Sergey Ivanov said in his welcoming address to the forum participants that Novosibirsk is rightfully regarded as one of Russia’s industrial and scientific capitals, therefore it is not an accident that such a forum takes place here. 

General Director of ROSNANO Anatoly Chubais also greeted the guests and participants of Technoprom 2013. He noted that the Novosibirsk Region is a unique area in terms of scientific and technical potential, and that conducting the forum in Novosibirsk must serve as a base for serious cross-subject discussions not only between scientists but between modern state and private businesses as well.

“This forum is a startup itself – such a unique team of participants have come together in Siberia for the first time”, noted Anatoly Chubais. “I understand very well how difficult it is to make a start and I’d like to express my respect for all those people who came up with the idea of this forum, who created its scientific program, I believe it is very consistent and professional. I’m convinced that we have all the prerequisites for ensuring bright future of this forum.”