Car Sound and Car Tuning Championship of Russia “AMT Eurasia” Is to Be Held in Novosibirsk

















On July 18, 2015 the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex will be hosting the Official Car Sound and Car Tuning Championship – AMT-Eurasia.

Car sound and car tuning contests have been annually held in Novosibirsk since 2002; they receive a lot of attention from the residents and guests of Novosibirsk as socially significant non-commercial events. This year the Novosibirsk stage of the contest is expected to have over 100 participating cars from various cities of Russia.

It's an interesting fact that people from about 40 cities of Russia took part in the contest during the entire history of the National Association of Car Sound, Multimedia, and Car Tuning Contests – AMT. This year’s AMT-Eurasia event schedule includes 11 official and 3 technical stages, also called the rating stages, to be held at the territory of Russia.    

The list of the Championship goals includes:  

  • choosing “the best of the best” automobiles in terms of car sound and car tuning;
  • expanding the knowledge of the participants and the audience about car tuning, as well as the principles of design and adjustment of audio and multimedia systems in an automobile; 
  • popularizing car sound and car tuning activities as a technical kind of sport.

The Contest is held in four categories:

  • Sound quality (8 classes);
  • Sound pressure (12 classes); 
  • Car tuning (2 classes);
  • Multimedia systems (2 classes).

According to the event organizers, the 2015 season is marked with a considerably increased activity of the participating teams. Mavens of kilohertz and decibels more and more often make up teams under a certain brand, and the organizers are truly glad to welcome that. The teams’ signature colors and small local shows that the participants have make the contest much more vivid, and the team spirit that brings those people together undoubtedly influences the overall results of the contest in a positive way.   

The “AMT Eurasia” Championship season will come to a close in the South of Russia. The results of the 2015 season and the names of the brightest specialists in car audio and multimedia will be announced in the sunny City of Krasnodar.    

The mandatory preliminary registration for the participants and judges has been opened at the official website of the Championship:

All the questions concerning the registration process should be addressed to:

Tatyana Kolesnik

 +7 (913) 019 21 00