BabyTime Siberia: Good Mood Holiday

















On November 6-8 the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex hosted the exhibition of goods and services for moms-to-be, children, and their parents “BabyTime Siberia”, and the exhibition of goods and consumer product manufacturing equipment “Textile and Fashion. Autumn”.

The exhibitions were featuring such companies as “We”, “Somedial”, “JumpingClay”, “Kapelka”, “Mini-Mi”, “Snezhana & Kirill”, “MilleFaMillie”, Medical Centre “XXI Century”.   

On November 7 the competition for little children “Little Champion” was held as part of the “BabyTime Siberia” Exhibition. The participants of the competition needed to crawl the given distance against the clock.

The competition became one of the largest events of its kind – 232 babies and children aged from 6 months to three years were competing on 8 tracks seven and a half metres long.

The parents used sweets and toys, as well as smartphones, TV remotes, and laptops to speed up their children.     

The business program included numerous workshops: “How to Spark a Child’s Interest in Reading?”, “Mutual Creative Activities of Children and Their Parents: Applique Including Origami Elements”, “Active Games for Children of the Pre-School Age”, “A Toy for Your Children. How Do I Choose the Right One?”, “Programmable Mini-Robot BEE-Bot ‘SmartBee’: Playing Together with Your Kid”.   

Apart from that, the Exhibition offered a lot of entertainment – trick show, free ice cream, yoghurt, various competitions, construction toys, sandboxes, aqua makeup, and full-height dolls.