"AUTOSIB" 2012: first day

















"AUTOSIB" - is the largest regional exhibition of automotive topics, and it is organized by the "ITE Siberian Fair". In 2012 the first "Novosibirsk Auto Show" was held where for four days it featured new items of domestic and foreign automakers. In many respects the organization and conduct of a motor show in the capital of Siberia contributed to the possibility of the new exhibition complex “Novosibirsk Expo Сentre ".

- “Finally in the capital of Siberia, there is a platform for the demonstration of new products in the automotive industry “- said the director of the exhibition "AUTOSIB" Alexander Shmigidin.

Along with the latest developments in the automotive industry and in the coming days, visitors will be able to see the exhibition old fashioned equipment at the “Expocentre”, and visit the outdoor exhibit, which shows the machinery, commercial vehicles, trucks and sport utility vehicles, motorcycles and even a helicopter. Also the exhibition will address issues related to the prospect of developments of the transportation complex, and the First Siberian Forum, which will exchange experiences between the Siberian automobile dealers and managers of service stations.

“I am sure that these days are very busy and useful for all participants” said the Governor of Novosibirsk region Vasiliy Yurchenko at the opening ceremony . “You will find new partners and new solutions for your businesses. The Forum will show new prospects for the development of transportion communications. I wish all participants and guests good days and good luck!”.