AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia 2015 Featured New Products on the Market and Discussions About the Further Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Region

















On October 28 – 30 Novosibirsk hosted the international agro-industrial exhibition “AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia”. The exhibition became the key event of the year for the entire agro-industrial sector of the region.

Agricultural machinery and accessories, equipment for animal breeding and veterinary medicine, gardening, agrochemistry, as well as processing technologies were presented by 109 companies from Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia, Finland, Spain, and Turkey.

The German Ministry of food and agriculture helped organize the official pavilion of Germany, where 18 companies presented their products labeled “Made in Germany”.

This event was held in parallel with the exhibition of food products, beverages, ingredients, and equipment “InterFood Siberia” and the international exhibition of packaging industry “Package of Siberia”. The platform of “AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia” was also shared the exhibition of achievements in the agro-industrial complex of the Novosibirsk Region “The Days of Harvest” organized by the Novosibirsk Region Ministry of Agriculture.

Over 8,000 people attended the exhibitions in three days.

Opinions of the participants:

“We presented our soil-treating and sowing equipment”, told us the agricultural equipment Sales Director of Agrocentre Company Igor Tarasov. “People showed active interest in our products. Our company has signed a few contracts regarding the supply of agricultural equipment to Novosibirsk, as well as to other regions of the Siberian Federal District. I would like to note the positive quality development of the exhibition and a larger amount of visitors compared to last year’s event. We plan to take part in the exhibition next year, perhaps, our company will take up a larger area of the Exhibition Complex”.

“We presented our photoseparators needed for purifying dry products by color”, says Director of the Barnaul Independent Division “C-Sort” Denis Malyshev. “AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia” is a large event of the agro-industrial sector. Thanks to our participation, not only could we talk to our potential customers, but we also met our existing clients. It can be a much harder thing to do outside of the exhibition. Besides, this exhibition gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our equipment in action to a much larger amount of people”.    

The list of participants again included EcoNiva Siberia – the official dealer of the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment John Deere.

“Our attitude to the market and our customers’ attitude had changed in the previous year”, says the Sales Director of “EcoNiva-Siberia” Company Vil Bagautdinov. “And if last year we felt the calm before the storm, and we couldn’t establish stable contacts with our customers, this year’s meetings at the exhibition went on more effectively. I’d like to see more people from the Cherepanovo and Suzun Districts among the visitors of the exhibition”.  


Organic fertilizers, animal food additives, and other Russian-made products were presented at the exhibition by “The Partnership of Enterprises Ivan Ovsinsky”.

“Our products stand out because we participate in the state program of import substitution”, says the Director of the Sales Department at ‘Ivan Ovsinsky’ Alexey Udalov. “We presented non-toxic and hormone-free agricultural and animal-breeding products – growth stimulators for animals, birds, and plants. Our products created a furor at the exhibition largely because major farms of the Novosibirsk Region had already tried our chemicals and achieved remarkable results. The niche that we had chosen is in high demand. We tried to find new customers at the exhibition, support our loyal customer base, show our new products, and strengthen our position on the market. We succeeded at all this”.  

Business Program of the Exhibition

The exhibition “AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia 2015” was accompanied by a large-scale business program that included events featuring the experts of the industry devoted to relevant issues of developing the agro-industrial complex. 

On September 28 the scientific and practical conference “Improving Dairy Cattle in Russia” took place. It was devoted to discussing the state of modern dairy industry of Russia, measures of the government support for manufacturers of milk, and other topics. The conference was organized by the Novosibirsk Region Ministry of Agriculture, “SibAgroComplex - BIO”.

Roundtable discussion “Technical Upgrade of the Agro-Industrial Complex in the Novosibirsk Region: Results, Problems, and Future Development” was held on the same day.      

Using the results of the discussion, representatives of manufacturing factories, agricultural organizations of the Novosibirsk region, and other specialists prepared several offers for the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture, the Agrarian Committee of the State Duma, and the Agrarian Committee of the Federation Council.

On October 29 the Second Potato Forum of Siberia was held.It was devotedto relevant issues of growing and selling potatoes. Participants of the forum voiced the main tendencies of the market and formed the offers aimed at the development of potato-growing in the Siberian Region. The forum was organized by “Rusagribiz Consulting” with the support from “ITE Siberia” and the Interregional Association “Siberian Agreement”.

The Exhibition “AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia 2015”was organized by “ITE Siberia”, “Siberia Expo”, IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH.

Detailed information about the 2016 exhibition is available at “AgroSib/AgroExpoSiberia 2015” website