'AgroSib 2016': 'the Region Has Huge Agricultural Potential'

















On November 9-11, 2011 the Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex hosted several events that are important for the region: the International Exhibition of Agricultural Vehicles, Equipment and Materials for the Production and Processing of Agricultural Products ‘AgroSib’, ‘Days of the Harvest’, the Novosibirsk Agrofood Forum, as well as the exhibition of food products and beverages InterFood Siberia, and the exhibition of ready-made packages, packaging materials, and equipment ‘Package of Siberia’.    

Over 17,000 people attended the exhibition complex in three days (according to the data from the IEC ‘Novosibirsk Expo Centre’ counters).

One of the largest agro-industrial exhibitions of Siberia ‘AgroSib’ was featuring over 100 manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural vehicles, equipment and materials for the production and processing of agricultural products, as well as agriculture-related mass media.  

The procedure of summing up the results of the harvesting campaign – the main event of the agricultural year – was first conducted as part of the Novosibirsk Agrofood Forum.

According to the Deputy Chairman for the Government of the Novosibirsk Region – Minister of Agriculture Vasily Pronkin, the primary goal of the forum is fulfilling crucial tasks in ensuring food safety and interaction between all the participants of the agro-industrial complex of Siberia.

The improved project of the Strategy for the Development of the Food and Processing Industry of the Novosibirsk Region until 2025 was also presented at the agrofood forum.

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky reminded that in 2017 the region would have to complete the process of agricultural land inventory; outline the principle of forming the agricultural technologies with regard to economic assessment of their intensification; expand the scope of using mineral fertilizers; continue the work aimed at increasing and diversifying animal food supplies in the sphere of animal breeding, and start implementing the activities specified in ‘The Strategy for the Development of the Food and Processing Industry of the Novosibirsk Region until 2025’.

Summing up the results of the Novosibirsk Agro-Industrial Forum Vladimir Gorodetsky noted that in the time of the 2016 harvesting campaign farmers of the Novosibirsk Region had harvested 2,566 thousand tons of grains, and the growth in the sphere of grain production had equaled 166 tons, which was 6% more compared to 2015.   

Vladimir Gorodetsky also added that “the region has huge agricultural potential, which is well-known far beyond the boundaries of Siberia. This is testified by the fact that representatives of 26 regions of Russia and nine foreign countries are taking part in the agrofood forum”.

Interfood Siberia is one of the main exhibitions of food industry in Siberia, in 2016 it was featuring such companies as 'GOODWILL', ‘The Omsk Bacon’, ‘Veles’, ‘Rakhat’, ‘SibPromKholod’, ‘Siberia’, ‘Yunona’, ‘Healthy Food Plant’, TM ‘VIACOM’ and others.

The program of Interfood Siberia Exhibition also included professional skills contests among dumpling makers, poultry boning operators, bakers competing in the Holiday Pie nomination, as well as the contest of theme festive tables ‘The Gifts of Siberian Autumn’.  

The list of companies participating in the ‘Package of Siberia 2016’ exhibition includes ‘TAURAS-PHOENIX’, ‘Carton and Paper’, ‘MAGICON and Co’, ‘Effect’, ‘Ecopack’, ‘Polymer’, ‘Tom-Limited’, ‘Upack Centre’, ‘KDR’, ‘StandardProdMash-Service’, ‘Kropotkin Factory MiSSP’, ‘Lexy’, ‘Sib-Press’, ‘Novopack’, ‘TARA.RU’, ‘GofroTorg’, ‘Forintech-Siberia’, ‘Nordic Trade’ etc.

We present to you a colorful photo report from the exhibition sites.

The exhibitions have been organized by ITE Siberia Company.